MARVEL Contest of Champions

Contest of Champions
In true spirit of this huge MARVEL Multiverse, Contest of Champions pits each one of the iconic MARVEL characters at a no-holds-barred battle stadium. It is hero v hero, hero v villain and each other combination potential!
The elder “The Collector” acts as battle coordinator and moderator because he summons you to conquer each of the fantastic heroes and villains he’s also summoned to find out who’s the best of all and worthy of the full world!
Select your favorite characters, update and struggle to find marvel contest of champions cheats for your ideal team!

MARVEL Contest of Champions: Game play
MARVEL Contest of Champions is a wonderful game which takes mobile gaming to another level! Combining elements of card collecting characters, crystal amassing updates and activity packed hand to hand combat, that entails a whole lot more detailed and sexy game play than many mobile activities that just offer one button mash, mash, mash and more mashing mode of interaction.
Here rather players may simple induce soft, moderate and heavy attacks together with defense blocks, dodges and offences dashes alongside plenty of custom match unique strikes perfectly fitted to every proper character which is more reminiscent of classic games controller game play than it’s of a touch screen mobile device!
Furthermore, progressing through the levels players may earn many currencies and things that may be utilized to obtain new characters, update statistics, and learn new skills.
With a number of single player arenas and multiplayer modes, there’s something for everybody at MARVEL Contest of Champions regardless of if they’re a hardcore comic or just searching for a fun mobile gaming program.
Characteristics of MARVEL Contest of Champions
Team up with your buddies and other Summoners to build the most powerful Alliance
Strategize with your alliance; help them maintain their Champions from the struggle
Fight towards the very best in Alliance Events and choose on Alliance Quest Series together in especially designed pursuit maps to earn exclusive Alliance rewards
Examine your Alliance’s mettle by fighting it out with Alliances from around the entire world in Alliance Wars!